The human race has suffered very many health problems over the long period it has existed. However, due to the ability of the human brain to conjure up ways to survive, there have been improvements in the way in which human beings lead their lives. This can as well be seen as the birth of Biomedical Research. There being so many different medical issues affecting human beings, there was need to find lasting solutions to some of these problems and this is how and why research came into place.
Whether one is looking at applied research, basic research or they are looking at translational research, it is safe to say that research has been carried out over the years to offer some kind of boost to the body in terms of being able to benefit from medicine. There has been and still will be plenty of research carried out to find solutions to the various health problems that human beings suffer.
There have been several clinical trials done in this research and these have been done to try and evaluate some new treatment plans and methods that are safe and efficient at the same time. Also, preclinical research is being carried out to offer more insight into the possibility of coming up with therapeutic strategies that are brand new. Another dimension of the biomedical research that has recently become very common is the translational research. This involves feedback loops that go between the clinical research and basic research to be able to create more insight and knowledge about certain medical conditions.
Human beings are now living much longer than they did years back and it is partly because of the biomedical research that has been carried out to find ways to help human beings survive longer and much better. Various vaccines, treatments, antibiotics, medications and other techniques have been discovered through this research and it has helped to improve the longevity of the human race.

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