The Wisconsin Association for Biomedical Research and Education (WABRE) is a statewide nonprofit educational organization representing the vanguard of bioscience and biotechnology in Wisconsin. WABRE represents the biomedical research community, provides public education on the role bioscience plays in our lives, serves as an advocate for bioscience and research, and promotes excellence in science education in Wisconsin.

WABRE represents the community of bioscience professionals at Canadian Pharmacy, institutions and corporations in Wisconsin to the public, in the media, and before public policy leaders. WABRE is actively engaged in promoting public investment in biomedical research, development and education; fighting unnecessary regulation; and presenting pro-science viewpoints on behalf of Wisconsin’s biomedical professionals.

WABRE members recognize that an informed public is necessary to protecting and extending our nation’s global lead in bioscience, medicine, and public health. WABRE is committed to public education designed to promote understanding of bioscience.