Science has brought a revolution in lives and has tremendously improved the living standards. The human beings are in a constant quest of searching for the new things. This quest leads towards the discoveries and inventions. Medical science has also witnessed many changes and it has improved the methods of treatment of particular diseases. The diseases that were incurable are now curable due to the advanced imaging techniques and modern testing techniques. This article will discuss some of the advantages that are offered by the modern biomedical research. Some of the modifications will also be discussed.
First and foremost advantage is that the conventional methods of disease diagnosis and testing were far slower and the treatment options were also limited. For example the treatment of AIDS was considered to be impossible but now there are certain researches that are predicting that there is a definite treatment of AIDS. This has made possible mainly due to the genetic and cloning techniques. The advanced technologies have made it possible to indicate some of the basic areas that need improvement. The modern scans such as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Ultrasound tests have also improved the methods of diagnosis and treatment. Last but not the least this biomedical research has provided employments to millions across the globe. Many companies are now solely working on the modern molecular techniques to develop new vaccines against the incurable diseases.
Hence it can be concluded that the modern innovations in the biomedical research have opened new horizons. Now the people have a greater life expectancy and the infant mortality rate is far lower. Developed counties are more advanced in this research as compared to that of the developing countries. Life expectancy of the people living in the developed countries is also greater and this is mainly due to the achievements in the areas of medical research.

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