People and Animals: United for Health curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum on the use of animal models in biomedical research. The curriculum/resource guide is designed to provide information for science teachers and other educators about the nature of biomedical research and the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals.

The long-term goals of the People and Animals curriculum are to stimulate, nurture and perpetuate interest, understanding and participation in biomedical sciences among students and educators, as well as to create awareness of the career opportunities in health care and health research.

The curriculum includes a comprehensive Reference Manual, a set of 159 color and black and white slides, a Discussion Guide, and a timeline poster of biomedical research advances.

WABRE has a very limited supply of the curriculum available this year for life science teachers in Wisconsin. The curriculum is also the focus of WABRE teacher workshops.

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BioRAP® is Biological Research for Animals & People, a student-based curriculum enrichment resource. Each issue of BioRAP consists of a student foldout and teacher’s guide. WABRE is making 5 issues available to Wisconsin teachers:

  • Aging and Genetics
  • AIDS: Looking for Answers
  • The Challenge of Cancer
  • Healthy Skin
  • Product Safety

BioRAP was developed with the new science education guidelines in mind. The topic issues incorporate exercises in scientific method, social studies, math, language arts, and information on careers in science in addition to the focus on health and biology. Through cartoons, word games, experiments, and quizzes students learn important information about the health topics and develop scientific and critical thinking skills.

BioRAP is available to everyone through CURE at

Wisconsin teachers who wish to receive classroom copies for their students and a teacher’s guide can order those free of charge from WABRE. Limited numbers of each issue are available.

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What is Biomedical Research?

What is Biomedical Research?
The Biomedical research is the wide range area of science that engages the study of the biological practice and also study the causes of the diseases by the careful carrying out tests, the laboratory work, observation, and the analysis.
Importance of Bio medical Research
The high quality of the facilities in medicines that today we enjoy is due to the efforts of years by the physicians and medical professionals who have been studying the causes of the diseases and the possible treatments.

The Scientists enlarge their facts to find out the reasons to check the poorer health, and build up the useful medications, the methods and products for the treatment of the diseases and also the root causes that are reasons of illness and deaths. The Biomedical research needs the contribution and the participation people belonging to various backgrounds from the life.
The researchers in biomedical research may consist of medical doctors, Computer scientists, veterinarians, engineers, researchers, technicians, and scientists belonging to various departments of the life sciences.

Benefits of Medical Research
In the 1940s, the polio disease crippled and killed people all around the world. Then a vaccine was made in the 1950s and 1960s, as a result the polio disease was controlled and practically eliminated .So Today children are regularly receiving this polio vaccine that gives a lifetime protection. It is due to the advancement in biomedical research. Now the Children are vaccinated against the diseases like typhus, whooping cough, diphtheria, smallpox. There are millions of people in the world who recovered because of the vaccines made possible via the research on animals.
The importance of bio medical research can be seen in the treatment of diabetes. In recent times, the researchers have created the insulin pumps that have replaced the injections. The recent research in transplant gives the hope that the diabetes is curable.

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What is Bioscience Research?

Bioscience is quite different kind of feature from the other turn of phrase that is very well known in medicine and it is used as biomedical research. Though, those are relatively different now days in the highly developed world of the medicine.
For example, the bioscience concerns largely with the life sciences. Basically the other name of life sciences is bioscience. On the other hand, bioscience research is a number of different sorts of the research work that collaborate mutually to find out the ways to develop and progress the humans lives all around the world.

One of the very prominent types of bioscience research is the research which has been done for cancer treatment. As Cancer is a really terrible, frightening disease. Therefore, scientists performed bioscience research in order to find out cure for this truly awful and often fatal disease just to help put humans who are suffering with this dangerous disease anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of Bioscience research associations in today’s time. Since these associations have to do loads of tasks to accomplish, and a lot the of discoveries related to life-saving issues. These organizations and associations are succeeding each day in their research work for helping the people to live healthy, longer and happy lives.

The significance of the Bioscience Research
The Scientific inventions have brought a massive change in the lives of mankind of the modern world. The scientific developments have changed our lives totally as compared to the lives of our ancestors. Bioscience has actually facilitated in the improvement of general health of the greater part of the population.
Those Diseases which were not being able to be cured that are now curable. For instance cloning, chemotherapy expertise and genetic engineering. These developments have created new horizons for better living and provided new opportunities for career building.

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Revolution of biomedical research

Revolution of bio-medical research

This field of science that has greatly contributed to the current medical advancements was once more prominent for its evil than good. Especially during the early and mid-20th century when the phenomenon of humans being forcefully used as guinea pigs was rampant. The lack of stringent laws to govern medical experiments, the then on going arms race as well the political instabilities that were happening during that period greatly contributed to the inhuman bio-medical research procedures. During the World War 11 a research facility known as Unit 731 resulted into the death of between 3000 to 12000 men and women who were being inhumanly treated and used as guinea pigs. Similar inhuman biological weapon research was carried out on humans during the world war one but its extent was most fatal during the Holocaust, when under the command of Adolf Hitler Jews were kept in concentration camps and inhumanly treated. Millions of Jews lost their lives not only to the atrocities of Hitler’s regime but also due to them being used as guinea pigs for research.

However, up to today humans are used during drug trials to ensure that the drugs pass the necessary requirements for human consumption, the rules governing bio-medical research have revolutionized to ensure safety of the individuals involved. Participants not only join such programs voluntarily but also they are explicitly informed of the possible negative side effects of the drugs being experimented on them. More so, the drugs have to pass numerous test including animal drug trials before they progress to be tried on humans, this ensures that they are not fatal and reduces the possible negative side effects. This field of research has greatly progressed and is no longer secretive as before. Advertisements looking for participants are made on top of informing numerous governing bodies before the trials are done on the humans, who are paid for being part of the trials.

On top of that, the current medical knowledge as well as technological advancement has greatly influenced the positive revolutionizing of the bio-medical research.

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The Life Saving Attributes of Biomedical Research

Across the world, there are many people who have taken time to engage in the health sector. These people have devoted a good chunk of their time and resources to ensure that Biomedical Research is carried out in various places in the world. This research has helped to bring to light solutions to some of the numerous ailments that have troubled the human race. As you move from one part of the world to another, you are bound to come across different health problems affecting the people. To be able to understand how the people in the world can survive these health threats, a good amount of research is required.
Generally speaking, the entire issue of research is very costly and often times, companies and corporations have contributed to this research. Since the sector of health is one of the most important sectors in any society, a good amount of attention has been accorded to the issue of biomedical research. As a result many people have been able to receive worthwhile and life saving solutions to the different health problems that have bothered them for a long time. This research has created a platform onto which medical experts can begin to understand how human beings can cope with the ever increasing health risks in the world.
There are very many places in the world where financial muscles are weak and therefore biomedical research has not be fully developed and exploited. In such places, higher mortality rates continue to be an order of the day. There is however light at the end of the tunnel as more and more people are taking to the understanding of the fact that they too can help in this research. Contributions are therefore being made in very many forms to ensure that this research continues so that more and more health solutions are devised to offer human beings an opportunity to survive much longer.

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The importance of bioscience research in modern day science

Scientific inventions and discoveries have changed the way mankind lives in the modern world. Technological advancements have made our lives completely different compared to how our ancestors lived. The most vital area of advancements is in the field of bioscience. Bioscience has really helped in improving the majority of the population’s general health. This is all attributed to bioscience research, which has made tremendous improvements in the health industry. Diseases that were impossible to cure are now curable thanks to cloning, genetic engineering, radiotherapy and chemotherapy technologies. These advancements have opened doors for better living and new career opportunities.

New diseases and ailments that affect human beings appear every day. Through bioscience research professionals are able to detect and provide treatment options to the diseases before they spread to uncontrollable scales. It is vital for every government to promote bioscience research in its jurisdiction because it has a mandate to protect its people. Through research, we can learn all the Dos and Don’ts to having a long lasting and healthy life. Most of the diseases that affect human beings can be avoided through this type of research.

Mankind is always searching for new ways to handle tasks and solve the problems it is faced with. This has led to the revolution in our lives, which has improved our living standards. This leads to inventions and discoveries which have speed up diagnosis and testing of diseases, unlike the conventional way which took much more time to do. Genetic and cloning techniques are being used research the treatment of AIDS, which is thought to be incurable but with recent technologies there is light at the end of the tunnel. Modern molecular techniques are being used to come up with vaccines against incurable diseases. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Ultrasound tests are also in use and they are improving diagnosis and treatment methods.

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The Purpose of BioMedical Research

Every day that passes, there seems to be a new disease or ailment that affects the human race. One can very easily have reason to worry that at this rate the human race might as well be wiped out sooner than later. Due to the presence of Biomedical Research however, there is hope for the human race and as much as there are diseases attacking human beings more often than not, there are also solutions being sought each and every day.
One important reason why biomedical research is important is because it has given humans beings the opportunity to live longer and happier lives despite the presence of very many health risks. If there is information about a disease and this information is spread around, the solutions are then shared. Through this research, very many diseases have been solved and treatment options availed. It is true that there are diseases that have no cure whatsoever, but this research offers a fallback position for such patients.
For any company or government, biomedical research should be an item of priority because it is the one item that gives human beings reason to have hope. Apart from the fact that they can be sure of treatment options for their various ailments, they can also be sure that they will receive information about how to live longer. This research usually brings to light dos and don’ts that are bound to give longer life to anyone. They also help to create an environment of prevention which for all intents and purposes is better than cure. Many of the diseases that affect human beings can actually be avoided. Through this research, steps to avoid some of these diseases are sought out. When these steps are sought out, people can then be sure that they will indeed have reason to smile as they can avoid even the most dangerous diseases.

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Moving Forward with Biomedical Research

The human race has suffered very many health problems over the long period it has existed. However, due to the ability of the human brain to conjure up ways to survive, there have been improvements in the way in which human beings lead their lives. This can as well be seen as the birth of Biomedical Research. There being so many different medical issues affecting human beings, there was need to find lasting solutions to some of these problems and this is how and why research came into place.
Whether one is looking at applied research, basic research or they are looking at translational research, it is safe to say that research has been carried out over the years to offer some kind of boost to the body in terms of being able to benefit from medicine. There has been and still will be plenty of research carried out to find solutions to the various health problems that human beings suffer.
There have been several clinical trials done in this research and these have been done to try and evaluate some new treatment plans and methods that are safe and efficient at the same time. Also, preclinical research is being carried out to offer more insight into the possibility of coming up with therapeutic strategies that are brand new. Another dimension of the biomedical research that has recently become very common is the translational research. This involves feedback loops that go between the clinical research and basic research to be able to create more insight and knowledge about certain medical conditions.
Human beings are now living much longer than they did years back and it is partly because of the biomedical research that has been carried out to find ways to help human beings survive longer and much better. Various vaccines, treatments, antibiotics, medications and other techniques have been discovered through this research and it has helped to improve the longevity of the human race.

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Biomedical research: Technologies Unleashed

Science has brought a revolution in lives and has tremendously improved the living standards. The human beings are in a constant quest of searching for the new things. This quest leads towards the discoveries and inventions. Medical science has also witnessed many changes and it has improved the methods of treatment of particular diseases. The diseases that were incurable are now curable due to the advanced imaging techniques and modern testing techniques. This article will discuss some of the advantages that are offered by the modern biomedical research. Some of the modifications will also be discussed.
First and foremost advantage is that the conventional methods of disease diagnosis and testing were far slower and the treatment options were also limited. For example the treatment of AIDS was considered to be impossible but now there are certain researches that are predicting that there is a definite treatment of AIDS. This has made possible mainly due to the genetic and cloning techniques. The advanced technologies have made it possible to indicate some of the basic areas that need improvement. The modern scans such as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Ultrasound tests have also improved the methods of diagnosis and treatment. Last but not the least this biomedical research has provided employments to millions across the globe. Many companies are now solely working on the modern molecular techniques to develop new vaccines against the incurable diseases.
Hence it can be concluded that the modern innovations in the biomedical research have opened new horizons. Now the people have a greater life expectancy and the infant mortality rate is far lower. Developed counties are more advanced in this research as compared to that of the developing countries. Life expectancy of the people living in the developed countries is also greater and this is mainly due to the achievements in the areas of medical research.

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A Note On Recent Advancements And Inventions In Biomedical Science

Medical science has unarguably been the greatest service to mankind. There is simply no second question over the fact that medicinal research and advanced medical technology has turned things upside down as far as health conditions and mortality rates across the world are concerned. People today are less prone to the fatal diseases and those who are suffering from such diseases have a great deal of hope to recover from the side effects of these diseases. Biomedical research actually focuses on a wide range of studies. These study areas range from those like synthesis of cost effective medicine to devising better techniques for dissection and treatment of human body.
Of some of the recent developments in biomedical sciences, one has been the development of Bluetooth device detecting the heat beat, pulse rate and blood pressure of the patient. This has been such an excellent advancement since this enables doctors to spend only a second to get a detailed and accurate reading of all these parameters. No need to hold the heavy stethoscope, just turn on the device and get all the precise readings within no time. Similarly, the use of robotics for carrying out surgical operation of human body is another miraculous advancement. In this case, the surgeon just sits in front of a computer and the computer controls a robot which is operating the patient. With the instructions passed to the robot, the operation is carried out with accuracy. There have still been other interesting and useful advancements in the industry as a result of massive biomedical research. If you are one of those individuals who would like to focus on continue your professional career in biomedical field, then it will certainly be a very fruitful idea since this field is an emerging one and is very much demanded in all parts of the world.

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Bioscience Research – Truly Important…

Science and technology have brought a lot of changes in the modern life. The way human beings used to live some three or four hundred years ago was completely different than what is witnessed or experienced today. And the reasons are those huge numbers of products and services which have been introduced in our society’s courtesy to the scientific inventions and discoveries. Now, there are score and scores of those fields where science has excelled itself to a great extent. And one of the most important of those fields is that of the biosciences. Yes, bioscience research is what we call the research carried out for the sake of improving the health of human beings.
Over the period of time, bioscience research has made man to see some miraculous improvements in the field of medical sciences. There is simply no second question about the fact that the human health has always been an area man has strived to improved in and through bioscience research this has been made possible to a great extent. The technologies and strategies like those of cloning, genetic engineering, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have made it possible to cure even those diseases which were once considered impossible to be cured. Not only it has opened better doors of healthy life for people on our societies but has also opened new vistas of professional career for people.
Latest innovations in bioscience research have bring forth such machines like those of brain scanners and cardiographs using which we can easily manage and monitor the movement and activity of our brain and heart. This has made it possible for the heart and brain patients to live better and longer due to better patient care and treatment. Therefore, bioscience research is truly regarded as the most important area of modern era.

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What is Bioscience Research?

Bioscience is quite different kind of feature from the other turn of phrase that is very well known in medicine and it is used as biomedical research. Though, those are relatively different now days in the highly developed world of the medicine. For example, the bioscience concerns largely with the life sciences. Basically the other name of life sciences is bioscience. On the other hand, bioscience research is a number […]