BioRAP® is Biological Research for Animals & People, a student-based curriculum enrichment resource. Each issue of BioRAP consists of a student foldout and teacher’s guide. WABRE is making 5 issues available to Wisconsin teachers:

  • Aging and Genetics
  • AIDS: Looking for Answers
  • The Challenge of Cancer
  • Healthy Skin
  • Product Safety

BioRAP was developed with the new science education guidelines in mind. The topic issues incorporate exercises in scientific method, social studies, math, language arts, and information on careers in science in addition to the focus on health and biology. Through cartoons, word games, experiments, and quizzes students learn important information about the health topics and develop scientific and critical thinking skills.

BioRAP is available to everyone through CURE at

Wisconsin teachers who wish to receive classroom copies for their students and a teacher’s guide can order those free of charge from WABRE. Limited numbers of each issue are available.

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