Biomedical Research

As the world continues to evolve both in terms of technology and life as we know it, various diseases and conditions are trying and are keeping up with evolution. Biomedical research has been going on since time in memorial; the technology used and degree to which is done is what changes over time. Diseases such as yellow fever, polio and TB among others have been controlled and even treated thanks to the time invested in biomedical research. We owe the scientists back then a big thank you for solving many medical complications today.
Biomedical research is often mistaken for one large field in the medical industry. This is however not the case, it is subdivided into two major branches which are in turn further subdivided. The two major braches are clinical trials and any other research that is geared towards discovery of new treatments. Biomedical research is an expensive venture and requires plenty of support from different organizations. In different countries of the world, these kinds of higher thought research is carried out in many institutions such as in colleges and graduate universities. Different government and non-government organizations are offering lots of funds to carry out these kinds of research. So, interested persons can take help from these organizations. A good number of the labs carrying out this kind of research are funded by the government or large firms alongside citizens willing to offer any help. Organizations that conduct bio-medical research are normally non-profit organizations with the community in mind rather than financial gains.
Biomedical research has received stern criticism from animal right activists saying that animals used to conduct their experiments and are being subjected to cruelty. It is true that animals were used to run experiments at some time. Medical research institutions are however moving away from that and are now culturing cells that are almost perfect replicas of human cells. It is with these cells that they are now able to conduct their experiments. Biomedical research is paramount for the survival of the human race and other spices here on earth. It should be supported as it geared towards bettering the future.

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