Revolution of bio-medical research

This field of science that has greatly contributed to the current medical advancements was once more prominent for its evil than good. Especially during the early and mid-20th century when the phenomenon of humans being forcefully used as guinea pigs was rampant. The lack of stringent laws to govern medical experiments, the then on going arms race as well the political instabilities that were happening during that period greatly contributed to the inhuman bio-medical research procedures. During the World War 11 a research facility known as Unit 731 resulted into the death of between 3000 to 12000 men and women who were being inhumanly treated and used as guinea pigs. Similar inhuman biological weapon research was carried out on humans during the world war one but its extent was most fatal during the Holocaust, when under the command of Adolf Hitler Jews were kept in concentration camps and inhumanly treated. Millions of Jews lost their lives not only to the atrocities of Hitler’s regime but also due to them being used as guinea pigs for research.

However, up to today humans are used during drug trials to ensure that the drugs pass the necessary requirements for human consumption, the rules governing bio-medical research have revolutionized to ensure safety of the individuals involved. Participants not only join such programs voluntarily but also they are explicitly informed of the possible negative side effects of the drugs being experimented on them. More so, the drugs have to pass numerous test including animal drug trials before they progress to be tried on humans, this ensures that they are not fatal and reduces the possible negative side effects. This field of research has greatly progressed and is no longer secretive as before. Advertisements looking for participants are made on top of informing numerous governing bodies before the trials are done on the humans, who are paid for being part of the trials.

On top of that, the current medical knowledge as well as technological advancement has greatly influenced the positive revolutionizing of the bio-medical research.

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