Research plays an important role in the development of new techniques and tools. Taking about the medical field; biomedical research plays a major role in the development of new research tools and equipment. This is the research which discovers hidden diseases and treatments of these diseases. This can be performed on a basic level to advance level. Theoretical as well as applied research is required to evaluate treatments and new solutions for various biomedical problems.
Classification of medical research is based on two areas. One is in preclinical research and other is clinical research. In the former type experts research knowledge for the development of new strategies and plans to start the new treatment. This research is prior to the development of any treatment. The second type is related to the evaluation of predefined strategies and treatments to find out the safety and efficiency aspects of these treatments. After the research evaluation, medical experts present the best treatment.
The research is not limited to few fields. It is performed in all the medical fields including biochemistry, microbiology, surgery, anatomy, oncology, health, diagnoses, and all not curable diseases. After the detailed analysis of symptoms and conditions of the various patients these research analysts present a solution. On the basis of biomedical research until now several advancements are resulted.
The benefits and advancements provided by the research include treatments of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, vaccinations for major problems including polio and measles. New techniques have been developed for the surgical treatments. Microsurgery is the popular advancement possible because of the medical research. Various diseases which were not diagnosed in the past can now easily diagnosed and covered.
Major research experts are biomedical scientist but other physicist and chemist also take part in the medical research conducted on humans. They combine as a team to save the lives of millions of people.

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